Women's bike - design fault?

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I wouldn't describe myself as a "serious" cyclist but I've used a bike as a mode of transport for years. Now I've got kids I have changed my bike to something a bit more practical and something that I can be less precious about. I have a Claud Butler hybrid which I use to pull the kids (2&4) in a trailer a couple of days a week (no more than around 5 miles - Trust me, that's far enough). I also cycle to work at least once a week which is almost exactly 20 miles.

Now the weather is getting warmer I tried transferring the bottle holder onto the predrilled holes on the frame. Only to discover that the drop of the top bar means that is actually impossible to fit a standard water bottle into the holder.

I've had a look at handlebar brackets but I'm also considering a small bag there to put my phone/keys etc to save me ferreting around in the bottom of my panniers with two tired kids moaning at me. Am I missing something? Should I be using an overpriced 'ladies' bottle?



  • ugo.santalucia
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    Smaller bottle? Some big 750 ml ones struggle to fit on a tiny frame
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    Get a side loading bottle cage. Specialized do a good one (Zee) but there are various options.
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    I was looking at my bike and thinking that I could do with a side loading cage, I didn't realise that you could actually get them. One Zee in the post. Thanks!
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    Quite a few frames have too little clearance for a standard waterbottle... my lad's 13.5" XS Rockhopper has a spesh side loading cage which works really well. Great bit of kit.
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    I have this issue on my road bike, as it has a sloping top tube and I am a dwarf, I can't fit a full 750ml bottle into one of the cages. I use a specialized side loading bottle cage and it helps. I can easily fit in a 500ml bottle and some 600ml ones.

    On one of my bikes, they didn't even have pre drilled holes for a cage on the seat tube, so I had to fix a cage myself.
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    I have this issue on my Son's 45cm Triban 3, can only fit a 500ml bottle in the cage but a larger bottle might fit using a side loading bottle cage.
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    Small frame: large bottle... you can see how the cage opens to the side. Works well.
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    Yeah I have this problem with my small frame size too...I got the side loading cages and it fixed the problem.