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My hardtail build

djp66djp66 Posts: 115
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After a few years of slogging around on an old Rockhopper, I decided I wanted to upgrade.

Part of who I am is that i 'need' to have a project to keep me sane and that usually entails taking things to pieces to see how they work and hopefully at least put them back as they were.

Therefore an upgrade was never going to be a straight forward purchase. I decided that some of the components from the 2005 Rockhopper would swap across, I like the Avid Juicy 5 brakes, the bar & stem would do for now as would the wheels & tyres.

However, the frame needed to be smaller and that's where the hunt began. I managed to find a 2009 15" Rockhopper frame, new in box that had been bought for a project that never started at a bargain price. Add to that a whole bunch of Shimano XT 2x10 gear, a second hand set of Fox forks and pretty soon I had it up and running.

That was December so fast forward to March, I've relegated the original wheels to be turbo trainer options with road tyres and added some new Mavic Crossride's.

All good you might think but then I manage to give myself a hernia and although it's sorted now, I'm only just getting back onto the bikes and boy has my fitness suffered over the 6 weeks layoff.

Anyway, here are a few pics - I hope you like






  • James QJames Q Posts: 201
    Very nice, I too have just had a Hernia op nut hoping to get back on the bike soon for some easy miles.
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