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Frame Number Boardman 2012 HT Team

bob6397bob6397 Posts: 218
edited May 2014 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi All,

(Hope this is in the right place)

I got my Boardman HT Team 2012 at Christmas time, and have since been struggling to find the frame number anywhere.
The nearest Halfords shop is miles away (and i doubt they could find it unless this gets asked all the time) so that isn't really an option.

So - Does anyone have any experience with this and might know where I can find it? I have checked all the way round the bottom bracket, at the top of the seat tube and on the down tube (generally everywhere) but I haven't seen hide nor hare of it. Hope one of you can help!


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  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Look around the drop outs.
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  • oxocube1oxocube1 Posts: 651
    All the Boardmans I have ever sent out have had the Frame number on the underside of the BB shell. I find that a lot of them though have the number printed across from left to right, so they are obscured by the frame guide that is screwed onto the shell. Also, many of them are difficult to read as the number is painted over when they are manufactured.
  • coulddobettercoulddobetter Posts: 812
    Under bb.
  • bob6397bob6397 Posts: 218
    thanks - I'll check under the cable guide and the dropouts later - I had checked around the cable guide but haven't actually taken it off so will do that.

    thanks for the quick replies,

    Boardman HT Team - Hardtail
    Rose Pro-SL 2000 - Roadie
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