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Race Reports 2014

ToksToks Posts: 1,143
edited June 2014 in Amateur race, is anyone actually racing this year? I hope to get started next week


  • ju5t1nju5t1n Posts: 2,028
    I’ve done a few. Best result was 6th place in Pross’s race in Wales. 40 points so far
  • jibberjimjibberjim Posts: 2,810
    Toks wrote:, is anyone actually racing this year? I hope to get started next week

    Did one stage race in 2013.

    Looks like I'll do one stage race in 2014, despite the fact I told myself after last year where I did an entirely pointless 383watts for the first 5 minutes in sheer exuberance at racing again that I would dip my wick in an earlier race...
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  • napoleondnapoleond Posts: 5,983
    Did my first race in 3 yrs (since my bad crash) in March, woefully unfit but managed 13th out of 50. Maily through grim determination and good positioning.
    Started racing on the track a couple of weeks ago and got my first points thurs night. I bloomin' love the track, the atmosphere is great and the setup (numerous short races) make it really enjoyable and even if dropped, it's not game over.
    I'm building up a TT bike this weekend and start that more seriously again this year too.
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  • SouthgateSouthgate Posts: 246
    ^ Well done on your comeback
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  • ToksToks Posts: 1,143
    Thats great stuff Nap D, well done mate. I look forward to hearing how you get on in a few more.

    Come on Jim, you've surely got to do a few more races this year. :twisted:
  • ToksToks Posts: 1,143
    26-05-2014: Witham Wheelers Road Race

    I’m trying to remember whether this goes down as one of the wettest bike races I’ve ever ridden in. It’s gotta be up there with a couple of stages of the Ras De Cymru I did a few years back. Anyway like all very wet amateur bike races (I’m an expert you know!)it was initially characterized by shouts of “Woah” and “Easy”. Excessive amounts of rainfall change not only physical but also the psychological dynamics of a bike race so while brakes and carbon rims renewed their marriage vows signs of giro-wiggins-syndrome began to afflict the back of the bunch. Meanwhile those naughty whip crackers up front started to do their thing and blokes on expensive pieces of equipment were left alone to survey the quiet rain sodden roads of Grantham without the official tour guide group

    So with this being my first race of the season my luke warm anaerobic power ensured I didn't quite have the juice when it came to matching surges and attacks. Nevertheless the pace - 39.6 km/ph - felt pretty quick for a 3/4 cat race After an hour of racing I managed to secure a spot for myself in the front 3rd of the bunch and inevitably negotiating the fast 12 mile rolling circuit became a lot less stressful. In fact for the last two laps my greatest battle was trying to remove a nature valley bar from my pocket with soaking wet gloves - a real faff. At least I didn't need to worry about drinking to aid digestion - the spray flicking up from numerous sets of conti 4000’s straight into my mouth did that perfectly.

    It wasn't all blokes racing – there was at least one woman and a few juniors all riding well. I remember number 67 from Witham Wheelers, in particular, brilliant positioned amonst a phalanx of big dudes. I bet he averaged less than 120 watts for the whole race. least the 2 & 3/4 laps he was in the race for. On the penultimate lap his hand went up and we swarmed past him - victim to the puncture Gods!. With no neutral service I didn't envy his 6 mile dredge back to HQ on a flat.

    Inevitable we arrived at the bell lap and the attacks began. Nobody was given any rope until the race winner cunningly eased himself of the front and hovered in front of us at 30 meters for ages. Once he rounded a corner he dug in and increased the gap a tad; as we surged,he slowed down. The cat and mouse stuff continued for a few more miles. He had us all hypnotized and rightfully got the win by a few seconds
  • DeVlaeminckDeVlaeminck Posts: 6,624
    Good effort, saw your name in the results when checking how a couple of mates got on. Also good to see you back NapD.
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  • themogulmanthemogulman Posts: 167
    I was in the Witham Wheelers race also. Rolled in with the bunch.

    I never saw the lady rider, maybe the spray caused my eyes to miss that one. There is a nice write up on ... oad-races/

    26 dropped on the first lap! I thought it thinned out a bit.
  • ToksToks Posts: 1,143
    I definitley saw a lady all kitted out at the HQand a mate who also did the race said there was a woman - I'm starting to wonder now. Maybe the spray did give us vision problems. lol. What did you get for an average speed?
  • DavidJBDavidJB Posts: 2,019
    Yep...sucking hard as usual.
  • themogulmanthemogulman Posts: 167

    Includes the roll out. 24.4mph. I did the race last year also and it was quicker this year including the very slow cornering by about 30-40 secs a lap.
  • Whether or not you race criteriums, I hope that you will appreciate this POV shot with a total of five cameras. Two on the bike (actually three, because I forgot to turn on my bar cam), two on the course, and one on the quad-copter. It tells an interesting story, I hope worth getting you excited about riding and racing. Let me know what you think of both racing and video work.

    Let me know what you think of this type of race report.

  • ToksToks Posts: 1,143
    Hey that was pretty cool. I'm intrigued to find out what"endurance accelerations" are. Was it me not paying attention or were your team mates in different coloured kit?
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