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New bike: Trek 4700D

will_85will_85 Posts: 84
edited June 2014 in Your mountain bikes
So I've just purchased a new Bike - a Trek 4700D from Evans, on sale @ £500... ... e-ec042073

I was considering a Voodoo Hoodoo, but this seemed like the best option for the money, with the exception of the Voodoo having a better fork.... Spec seems pretty good for the cash.

It's my first 'Proper' bike in many many years, and is replacing my 2005 Cindercone, which I was rebuilding g as a project, but it just didn't feel comfortable for me having a 17" frame (this is 19.5) Took it for a good spin today and I'm really happy with it.... Don't think I'll be making any major changes yet, it has some new pedals & a carbon bottle cage on at the mo, other than that, it's all stock. Mainly used for getting to and from work & bombing about London to get fit, but will hopefully be taking it off road at some point, need to see what there is locally! Anyway... Couple of pics!




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