Opinions please - Which angle?

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Just having a play with a new mount for my GoPro. What do you guys think is the best angle?

All four in one video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-B8SZx9 ... e=youtu.be

1.attached to the front of the seatpost, under the nose of the saddle, in line with headtube
Nice and tucked out of the way, doesnt get knocked by my legs or debris but my legs do get in the way when cornering. Bike is obscuring some of the road (imagine singletrack!). Higher up so less sense of speed/elevation.

2. Under the downtube, in line with wheel
VERY exposed but looks good as it is low down.

3. Inside the front triangle, poking out to one side slightly
Exposed from below, more likely to take a knock from the legs. Better view

4. Inside the front triangle inline with headtube
Safe from legs/rocks. Legs don't obscure the shot when cornering. Bike in the way of trail

I bet you all can't wait for another 8 minute video of a slow rider riding miles of dull singletrack ;)