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I'd like a fan to go with my rollers. I bought one already, but it is hopelessly weak and only keeps one forewarm sweat free, so does anyone have any recommendations? I'm not that fussed about noise, I just want to stop dripping sweat.


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    I volunteer with my local reptile society doing displays over Summer in marquees that can become incredibly warm so we bought a pair of 'industrial' steel fans from B&Q for about £30 each. They're about 24" across each, and kick out a relative hurricane compared to desk fans. They've also survived a damp garage very well for a couple of years too.

    As far as bang for your buck goes, I can't think of better!

    EDIT: I can't seem to find them on their website anymore, but I'm sure you can find one elsewhere with a good deal on.
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  • Get the floor one from Screwfix
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    +1 on the pedestal fan - advantage is that the controls are at hand height so you can ramp it up for harder activity.

    You'll still sweat lots though. Even out on the road with a 25mph wind you'll still sweat.
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    Thanks for the advice. I'll check them out. Slightly worried that the recent heat wave will result in lots of buying competition, but I really need one!