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Does anybody own the Boardman pro carbon road bike? I know peeps dont like using halfords but that does not bother as i am capable of fixing/setting the bike up myself. i just wanna know if its a good bike and if there are any problems to look out for. its either that or the planet x xtr58. cheers.


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    The Boardman Pro Carbon is the same frame as the Elite AiR models, just with a lower grade of carbon so slightly heavier.

    It's a good bike and well specc'd for the money.
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    For just a tad more you could one of these:
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    I bought one last week as my first road bike. Love it so far. Good spec for the money and decent wheels. Yes the likes of Canyon may be even better value but I don't think you can really beat it when you factor in the BC membership discount. Planet X just didn't really appeal to me, not sure why as they are good value.

    3 rides so far comfortably averaging 18mph over 10-15 miles without trying to go fast. Massive improvement from my 13mph MTB.

    Halfords are very hit an miss. They worked hard to source me an XL as none available at the time but once it arrived didn't make the best job of putting it together. Nothing complicated to fix just needed the gears adjusting and handlebar straightening, fairly easy jobs but you would expect them to do it right. I complained and got a free Boardman cycle computer thrown in.
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    that's a nice canyon but its £600 more.
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    Loads of happy owners.
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    I bought mine last week, I buy my bikes boxed and assemble it myself at least I know it's safe that way, Beautiful bike especially when I get 20% off at Halfords.
    I paid £1060
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