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Trek/Rockshox aaargh!

thehairs1970thehairs1970 Posts: 142
edited May 2014 in MTB workshop & tech
What I need is quite simple you'd think. My Monarch RL has been damaged. The body has some damage meaning it damages the seals as it moves in and out of the can. This results in completely lost pressure/oil. I originally returned it to Fisher who replaced the seals but this only lasted a while. My bike is now outside warranty so I've passed the bike onto my LBS who sent the shock to a reputable tuner for repair. What I need is the part number for the body. Trek do not fit a standard shock on; this means that although the standard arm could be fitted, this would result in a loss of travel - don't want that. Swapping the shock for another model could mean the frame warranty is lost. Trek and SRAM both seem incapable/unwilling to supply a part number for the Trek specific body required. Fisher are just Fisher. Nuff said. Can anyone help? PLEASE. I'm desperate to get my bike back.


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