Saracen Mantra trail - opinions?

michaelcarrick Posts: 3
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I am looking to get my 1st mountain bike in 15 years.

I am planning on using it to help me keep fit, but need a bike that is flexible as will be used on road, bridal ways and I have an intention to try some easier trails.

I have started doing some research but the sheer amount of options is extremely large and I am not sure which which components I should be most worried about in quality.

I have decided I will buy a hard tail @ circa £1000 and have been looking at the Saracen Mantra Trail 2014,

Just wondered if anyone had any opinions or critique of this bike.

Also, I went to a local saracen dealer who when looked at stock availability this was only available in 15in, and he mentioned it was due to Saracen refreshing the range in July.

would any one know if this is likely to be true?