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Hi all,

I have some stam alpha 400 rims with hope pro 3 hubs. The hubs are great and as good as new. The rims are aweful! Lasted 7 winter months. I'm really surprised as they have been well maintained and cleaned.
I'm going to get the hubs relaced but not too sure to what.
I'm not touching stans again as I have read they are very soft aluminium. I have read that h+son rims are much tougher on the brake track. I'm not too worried about the adonised brake track wearing off. Are these rims up to the job? Any other suggestions for similar money?
Also, with the hard adonised rims does the brake track effect wear off?



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    Nothing wrong with Stans alloy, but if a rim weighs 100 grams less than the competition did you not get the suspicion alloy was shaved off the brake track?
    I know people like to believe in amazing products that are stiffer, better, wider, deeper and lighter than the competition, but the truth is always a lot simpler, it is lighter because there is less of it, as aluminium alloys, whether they are 2,6 or 7 series all weigh the same, just shy of 3 grams per cm3.
    Anyway... if you want a winter rim, get a winter rim, H plus Son are not winter rims. Ambrosio Evolution is an excellent winter rim and so is a Rigida Chrina.
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