Just bought my first road bike.

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Been looking at getting a road bike and was looking at a cheap start up. Just picked up a 6 month old Carrera Zelos for £160.

Made my first of presumably many newbie mistakes. Yes your right, was complaining to the guy the gears don't work and wanted my money back. His reply was "you do know that you push the brake handle to the side"? To which I replied "duh" tried that and guess what? Yeah it works fine. Just gone round the block on it and it feels well weird. Time for some padded shorts I think.


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    I did that as well. Bought the new bike, was changing up the cogs fine but for the life of me I couldn't work out how to go down a gear. I was on my way to the house to check on Google and then noticed that the brake assembly moved.
    For people who have only ever ridden bikes with fixed levers you would never know. Seems completely illogical.
    Love them now though :)

    Enjoy your riding. I will predict now that you will get the bug and before long you will be asking about your next bike, upgrades, clothing and safety lights!
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    Your not wrong CX just been to sports direct and bought some padded shorts/leggings and gloves. Lol