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Mondraker Factor, opinions on colours

abarth_1200abarth_1200 Posts: 370
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Hi guys, had this bike for a couple of weeks and have started changing a couple things. I've already changed the saddle and the brakes but I've been wanting to get a higher, wider bar and shorter stem.

So I picked up these on sale with crc.

My question before I get them fitted and used is about the colour, I went with the iron colour which I was hoping would be a bit brighter, more towards a silver but as you can see it's more dark grey and I'm not sure I'm happy sticking with them, I wouldn't usually ask these questions but I like the bars and stem but not so much on the bike.

Most other trim parts are white, mainly because of the wheels and forks, if I wanted another trim colour it would be gold.

So take it off and sell it on or stick with it, problem is I have a crank brothers iron seat post already ordered!


  • CqcCqc Posts: 951
    Stick with it, you won't get much money for them second hand anyway, and add long as they're not horrifically ugly it's fine.
  • Angus YoungAngus Young Posts: 3,063
    First world problem.
    All the gear, no idea and loving the smell of jealousy in the morning.
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  • abarth_1200abarth_1200 Posts: 370
    Yeah I'm thinking that, however I did get them cheap and some sites are still selling them full price.
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