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Wheel dilemma

mattjevansmattjevans Posts: 253
edited May 2014 in Cyclocross
I've ordered a CX frame that will be built up by early June, planning to use it for mixed road and offroad use.

I've got a decent set of wheels built on Planet X 50mm carbon tubular rims (16 spoke front 24 rear, nice hubs) from my road bike that I was planning to use but couple of things are bugging me:

1 Canti brakes on carbon rims? Was going to put Black Prince pads on to at least know the braking is as good as it can be. At least they're not clinchers.
2 Swapping from road to offroad use - being tubulars I'm not going to be swapping tyres much (I suppose I could put something like a Sammy Slick on after summer and leave it), so was thinking I'd get another set of wheels. But if I was to do that I'd probably go alloy for cost reasons. Which means using carbon brake pads on alloy rims which I gather could be a bad idea? Swapping brake pads every time I swap wheels I can't see happening, too much faff.



  • mattsccmmattsccm Posts: 408
    You have answered your own question. Rims have to be the same material. Must admit I always liken to have identical rims as otherwise the wear on the blocks doesn't match.
  • mattjevansmattjevans Posts: 253
    doubtful I'd recover a decent price on the PX wheels so probably bet option is to save for a second set but 24/24
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