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help, how to load a route onto my garmin

jewbsjewbs Posts: 139
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I have signed up for a sportive ride and on the rider info sent are files to download for gps's. I have downloaded the files onto my computer although that has been enough to confuse me but i have no idea how to now get the file onto my garmin 810. I have looked at the manual but just cannot make sense of it. Also which file do i use, the gpx or the tcx file. I have tried to open both files using base camp and the course appears on the map but it will not allow me to send it to garmin connect.
So i am clueless on how to do it since this is the first time i have tried to do anything like this.

Any advice on how to do it would be gratefully received.

While i'm about it i am also having trouble exploring other peoples courses on garmin connect. My courses appear ok but when i go to explore it starts with a map of london, if i then drag the map to another part of the country to explore other peoples routes there nothing seems to happen or it just flicks back to the london area map. I am in suffolk and would like to explore other routes there. This is the new version of garmin connect. When i had the old version running i could explore other areas but if i clicked on a route to look at in more detail and then clicked back instead of going back to the map view i had it would revert back to london and i would have to start all over again. I am finding this all frustrating. again any advice would be grateful. I have just got a new android phone and have downloaded the garmin app and would like to be able to explore routes on that and then add a route i fancied cycling but after a quick try yesterday it seems to be behaving the same as the connect on my computer.


  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,922
    Copy the GPX file into 'New Files' folder on your Garmin. When you turn the Garmin on and hit Courses in the menu choose the Sportive named file.

    This is based on an Edge 800, can't be too different to an 810.
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  • poppitpoppit Posts: 926
    Yes, it's the same method on an 810 as an 800. Use gpx format. I'd also suggest you do a google search for dcrainmaker or scarletfire, they both have loads of info on how to set up and use garmins, perhaps most important is the initial set up as getting that right can save you a lot of annoying problems.
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