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Dragon Ride Cut off times/speeds

I have a place for the 300km Dragon Devil and been told by the Human Race organisers I will have to complete that in 9.5 hours? Is that everyone else's understanding? If so, it means riding (NOT including stops) at an average of 20 mph.

On that type of terrain, I'd say that is a very high standard indeed. Is this other people's understanding? And do you think that is realistic given the demographic of a typical sportive?

I can do the distance, but not in that time.

And please don't bother with all the "you can ride the roads for free" stuff. I know that ;-)
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  • marcusjbmarcusjb Posts: 2,412
    I am sure that won't be the cut off. As a distance and the sort of terrain I ride on regularly, and knowing what the fast boys and girls can do it in, that is going to be beyond the majority of riders I would expect.

    Way beyond me even on a flat 300!

    Tough gig if that is correct, but I do think you'll have been given the wrong information. I know it is meant to be a challenge, but that seems excessive!
  • Ankles50Ankles50 Posts: 53
    Last year you had to keep a speed of just under 14mph to hit cut off times (feed station clear ups too)

    And it was at the route splits where they'd push you onto shorter route

    link to 2013 info pack that shows cut off speed ... ntPack.pdf
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