Help with Castelli Aero Race 5.0 Jersey Sizing.

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Looking at buying myself the "Castelli Aero Race 5.0 Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey", but need help in the sizing if possible please, I'm 5' 11", 32" waist, 37-38" chest, weigh 65kg.
Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks.


  • sungod
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    i'd say medium

    they are snug
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  • marcusjb
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    I don't have that jersey, but do have the Sanremo 3.0 speed suit (which has the Aero Race jersey as the top).

    I am 5'8", 28-29" waist and 59Kg - medium is good for me and reasonably snug (particularly the shorts).

    You may want to go large?
  • relanium
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    Thanks for the advice guys - I shall go with a medium size, and hopefully it will fit.
  • brettjmcc
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    I would say Medium too. I have the 4.0 in a large and am bigger than you. They are designed to be tight, not flappy :)

    My problem is that my body length means it is slightly long on me, so I need to reduce muscle size to get into a Medium :( Great jersey BTW
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  • cougie
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    Castelli sizes are odd. Prepare yourself to send one back and try the next size up or down !