New rims on old Ksyrum Equips?

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My winter bike, which I got 2nd hand, has a pair of Mavic Ksyrum Equips. There is a sticker on the rims showing where the wear indicator should be, and I can't see anything on the rims so I am assuming that they are just about done.

Is there any value in the hubs, i.e. would it be worth getting a wheelsmith to put new rims on them, or are they destined for the scrapheap?


  • ugo.santalucia
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    New rims will cost you in excess of a new set, so I'd say no, there is no value...
    Mavic's policy on recycling
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    Mavic's policy on recycling

    Who says we live in a throwaway society :lol:
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    New rims will cost you in excess of a new set, so I'd say no, there is no value...
    Mavic's policy on recycling

    Unless there's an option to put a 3rd party rim on it? I guess that depends if the hubs can use normal spokes or you can reuse the mavic spokes on normal rims ... ?

    If not then probably worth selling as spares for any other KE owner who will probably trash one part or another - providing it's not the rim then the parts could be worth something ...
  • jjsh
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    Then I will just have to buy some fancy pants new wheels for my summer bike, and hand down it's existing wheels to my winter one. Oh dear. :mrgreen:
  • iron-clover
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    I'd buy a pair of handbuilt wheels for winter use, specifically so you can just replace the rim when its worn out for a fraction of the cost of a new wheel.
    Gram for gram it'll probably cost more than a factory wheel (you're going to have to go to some effort to beat the Ultegra wheelset there!) but 20k miles down the line they will have paid themselves off in savings.
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    Don't Mavic runs have a wear indicator that shows up when they're excessively worn, rather than one that disappears? Might be worth googling your specific model and year to check.