Spongy brakes

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Hi Folks

Having issues with spongy front brakes. They seem a little soft on braking and getting some vibration. It's a new bike so pads and rims are not worn at all.

LBS suggested lightly sanding the brake pads and rims - anyone heard of this before?



  • lawrences
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    Cables stretch a bit when they are new. You might want to just tighten the cables up.
  • BrandonA
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    What sort of pads and rims have you got? I ask as some can take time to bed in.
  • mfin
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    Also, how heavy are you? A light person won't experience what a heavy person does as they don't need as much in the way of braking forces. (same with kid's bikes, the brakes don't have to be very powerful for small kids)
  • DavidJB
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    Not sure about your problem but the title made me thing of sponge cakes and now I'm hungry :(
  • simonj
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    I've never heard of sanding rims and it's certainly nothing I'd want done to my rims.
  • Initialised
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    Have you bled them?
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