Novatec Jetfly wheels

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A couple of months ago Cycling Plus made the Novatec Jetfly wheels their "best in test". Since then it has been impossible to buy them in the UK. I've emailed the distributors twice: the first time they told me they were due in two weeks, now they say there's been a problem and they have no information on when they will have stock. Does anyone know what is going on? Does anyone know of a shop that still has stock? Perhaps Cycling Plus might want to look into it, and give us an update - maybe they have the clout to speak to someone who can give a real answer.


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    welcome to Novatec distribution in the UK, a company setup with the only goal to avoid making profit and annoy potential customers.
    Get in touch with Novatec EU in Slovakia and see what they say... I got what I wanted from them, as here in the UK they are useless
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    I saw the review for these too and thought they looked very similar to some planet x wheels I bought a few years ago- 30mm deep rim built on novatec hubs... maybe worth you looking at their site if you can't source the jetfly. Might be a smidge heavier, though.