Need advice before I wreck my bike

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I have a Cannondale 2010/11 CAAD8 with a Shimano105 Group-set with FSA Cranks, so after dusting off my bike after an enforced lay off (operation) I decide to change the chain as its on the wear limit (checked with a chain tool) So I order a 105 chain now I have two questions.

1. Do FSA Chainsets need a different chain ?
2. I want to service the bottom bracket - now 105 BB are dirt cheap at the moment will this fit my bike ? or is the bottom bracket a FSA special (BB30 rings a bell )

any advice before I ride it again welcome


  • The chain should be fine, i have a 105 set up and i know the chain has to go on a certain way but thats it really, as far as the bb goes the 105 BB should be fine too along as you have a external BB and make sure you get either the english or italian threads!!!
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    Pretty certain the BB on that bike is BB30, so Shimano one will not fit.

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    Shimano BB won't fit the FSA chainset, you'll need BB30 bearings
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    And if it's not BB30, you'll need an FSA MegaExo BB, not a Shimano one (they're slightly different widths and the FSA cranks don't spin freely in Shimano BBs). FSA have a guide on their website to BB compatibility with their chainsets.
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    What chan can with the bike?

    For what it's worth, My Tarmac Elite has 105 with an FSA crank. I use the 105 chain and cassettes.
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    Think the 2011 CADD 8's have normal English threaded BB's. Buy a KMC chain which you can take off easy for cleaning.
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    banditvic wrote:
    Buy a KMC chain which you can take off easy for cleaning.

    KMC don't have a monopoly on the quick link........
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  • Looks like an FSA MegaExo: ... 2#features

    I replaced one of these, or got my LBS to do it, with a 105BB, but I also replaced the FSA Crankset with 105 so don't know if the 105 BB will be compatible with your crankset if you keep it, as mentioned earlier check FSA website.
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    You have now received 3 different views on what BB you currently have - suggest you post a photo.

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    I'd suggest sticking with the FSA BB if you have a FSA chainset. I recently changed my FSA Omega chainset on my Cannondale Synapse for a Shimano Tiagra one as the FSA Mega Exo BB is quite pricy (compared to the Shimano BB's) and kept failing on me. I bought two or three FSA bottom brackets and when the 3rd one started to go I just bought a completely new chainset. When you're paying £30 for a new BB every 4-5 months, the cost of a new chainset isn't really that bad in comparison!

    So... in short - Stick to FSA bottom brackets if you intend on keeping your FSA chainset. A Shimano BB is unlikely to fit your FSA chainset.

    As for the chain itself, you should be fine with most chains. I've never read anything on FSA chainsets only working with certain chains. I'm happy to be corrected on that though :)
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    Some FSA chainsets are compatible with Hollowtech II BB.
    I have an FSA Gossamer chainset running happily in a Shimano 105 HT 2 BB.
    It is a bit of a tight squeeze and needs gentle application of a mallet but once in there its fine.