Would a carbon stem make a difference?

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I ride a Giant Defy 0 frame built up with a cobbled together 9 speed 105/Ultegra groupset on a set of Planet-X Model B wheels (with 23mm Mavic Aksion tyres).

I'm struggling a bit with number/tingling fingers and was wondering if a carbon stem would help at all? The other consideration would be forks with a carbon steerer but don't fancy the cost!.

I suppose another option might be a switch to 25mm tyres?


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    Basically, no... Bars might make a very slight difference, but not much.

    Wider tyres might make a difference if you ran them at a lower pressure, but you should also be looking at position on the bike, weight distribution, core strength etc. Ideally when you are pedalling at a decent effort you should be able to lightly rest your hands on the bars or the hoods without exerting a massive amount of pressure.
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    No difference in fact alloy stems can be lighter. Comfort comes mainly from tyres.
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    I get it occasionally especially when not been on the bike for a while,
    Too much body weight on the bars can be a problem
    Look up 'cyclists palsy'
    Some riders use gel pads under the tape and gel gloves to ease the symptoms.
    Just Kidding !

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    Almost all 'carbon stems' are aluminium stems with a carbon wrap and make no difference (they also happen to be heavier).

    I noticed my Ritchey Monocurve bar/stem combo make a difference in overall comfort, but not as much as 25c tyres...
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    Fit some 25mm tyres, don't pump them up too hard and invest in some decent mitts. As the Defy has an alloy fork, which can be pretty harsh, a carbon fork is the only worthy carbon upgrade.
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