Post your DIY equipment

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Since I've started doing mini-tours on my bike I've developed a keen interest in DIY equipment.

There's a lot of advantages to doing it yourself, you can save money, learn new skills and become self-reliant in the event that you become stranded in some place.

The flip side to this coin is that it can all end terribly! If you're playing around with fire then you could loose your eyebrows for a few weeks.

So, what type of home made equipment have you made?

This is my Penny Stove. I've yet to use it to cook food but I've made plenty of cups of tea whilst out and about. Takes about 5 minutes to boil a cup of water and only costs £1.01 (Tesco special brew cans - 4 for £1, plus the 1p coin to make the stove work). Easy to make, only weighs a few grams and is surpringsly sturdy.



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    Epic, i bet it was invented in a POW camp or somesuch?
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    Gethinceri wrote:
    Epic, i bet it was invented in a POW camp or somesuch?

    I reckon so. That one is a bit complex for making out and about, but if you're ever stuck for a stove this one can be made just using a pen knife.

    This is my latest concoction. I found the idea from this blog.


    I was originally going to get an Ortlieb large saddle bag that has a 2.7l capacity. This bag costs about half as much and is 13l. Easy to make using a cheap saddle bag from Aldi for the clip under the saddle with the webbing and buckles from Amazon.