Rear derailleur sheared off today - is it covered?

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I bought a new specialized Roubaix 2 months ago from my lbs. on Friday last week it went in for it's first service. First ride out today and 13 miles in the rear derailleur has snapped clean off (throwing me off the bike too). I have some pics but not sure how to post. Will my lbs fix it for free or will I have to? No incidents led to the derailleur braking, all very random. Thanks


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    There is only one way to find out. Have you contacted them?

    What caused it to snap? Do you think it was something they did or was it due to something that happened on the ride (i.e. bad gear shift, hit something).

    My LBS is good. They changed my gear cables in April and after a couple of weeks they stretched as new cables do. I phones them at 17:00 explained the symptomes. They told me to bring it in immediatey, I did and I was home by 18:00 with perfect shifting and no addtional charge. I wasn't expecting this level of service but I made the call and got the facts.
  • No I don't think it was any fault of theirs, or mine for that matter. I'm experienced enough to shift properly but this was on a flat, quite low cadence with hardly any real torq going through the peddles. Just ticking over. They are closed today so that is the reason I've not spoken to them, I thought I would check with other people and their experiences before I approach my lbs tomorrow.
  • Expect to pay for the repair, hope that the LBS repair for free.
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    Happened to my mate a few weeks ago with his Bianchi, he had to pay for a new hanger and rear derailleur.

    Since then I have sourced and now keep in my spares box a couple of spare hangers. As the frames become older the hangers eventually become difficult to source or often obsolete so at least if mine does snap I will be able to replace it without too much hassle
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    Either the gear hanger was bent previously in a crash (assuming the bike shop would have picked this up), the gears badly adjusted or simply changing gear at low cadence and high chain tension can jam the transmission and cause the rear mech to get wrapped around the cassette. I've also seen a rear mech hanger come loose from the frame and create a similar problem. I'd take the bike back into the shop and explain the situation and see how they react - depends on whether they take full or part responsibility given they'd just serviced it. PS. Not a warranty issue either.
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