Crankset Compatibility

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Hi Guys

Recently bought a new FSA k-Focce Mega Exo crankset off the forums and went to fit them yesterday and realised i'd made a mistake as the crank spindle is far longer and thiner that that of the old crankset.

(I was going to try and fit them to this bike ... -2013/1J73 )

However, i have now realised this won't work. As i understand it the mega exo cranks need a BB with a 26mm diamiter and a 86mm width. The frame itself is a PF30 frame and hence i can't just put in a mega exo BB as most are designed as BB30 or BB86

So i was wondering is there anyway to fit these cranks to this frame, Maybe some kind of PF30 to Mega Exo converter, or will the difference in BB shell thicknesses make this impossible?

Any help would be welcomed
(Also i realise thats really poor explanation so if you need me to clarify anything i can try again)


  • ride_whenever
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    measure the spindles at the polished sections. you can potentially get away with a PF30-HT2 adaptor (the praxis one or the parlee ones are the best) but you'll need to double check what dimensions the spindle are.

    Personally I'd get some proper BB30/PF30 cranks for taking full advantage.
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    Don't let anyone kid you PF30 is any kind of advantage unless you enjoy regular maintenance. Don't think HT2 adaptors like Praxis will work due to FSA needing thinner bearings. You need an PF30/MegaExo adaptor: ... EDUCER--AL
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..