Bike Choices - £1000-1500

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Pretty much one of the most asked questions seemingly, but wondered what people's thoughts were.
I'm looking to change to my first proper road bike. Have been on a Trek 1.2 (first bike) for the last year or so and with 30th birthday in July have a chance to upgrade. Budget of £1k-1500 and it will have to be my all year round bike as can only afford one bike. Not absolutely definite on Carbon, but at that price there are some nice options. Definitely don't want any lower than 105 level.

My current options -
Tarmac Sport SL4
Canyon Ultimate CF SL 7.0
Rose Xeon RS 2000 or 3000
Focus Cayo Evo 4.0

Based in Belfast, so the Specialized is the only one that I've got a chance to test ride/fit and it was lovely. Also can get a few quid off buying it cash instore. Otherwise, like the Canyon but hearing lots of stories about long wait times etc, the Focus gets great reviews. The Rose is a bit of a curveball, but spec and weight is amazing, reviews are great and I like being able to spec it myself. Prefer it to the Ultimate AL.

Any thoughts on that list?
Also - as its my one bike is Carbon a poor choice for year round or is alloy more sensible?
(If so, it'd pretty much leave me sold on the Xeon.)


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    You really liked the Tarmac so why not just get that? Carbon is fine for all year round.
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    Anyone ridden the Rose Xeon next to a Tarmac?
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    I can't really help with comparisons, but I've been eyeing up bikes up to £1500 for the last few months. I had originally decided to get a Canyon Ultimate AL 9.0 but when I last checked they had sold out in my size so I went with a Rose Xeon RS 3000.

    Although I'm still waiting for the bike to be put together and delivered, I feel kinda glad that the Canyon's sold out because of the customisation options with Rose. There were a few things I already knew I'd want to change with the Canyon but the Rose system means my bike comes exactly as I want it. I changed the handlebars to 3T Egonova Pro, Stem to 3T ARX Pro, Saddle to fi'zi:k Arione R7, Seatpost to Ritchey WCS Carbon FlexLogic, Tape to fi'zi:k microtext with gel pads, added a few headset spacers and changed the cassette from 11-28 to 11-25 (which Canyon charge £16.35 for doing)... all for £1500 inc postage.

    For online retailers I think it's difficult to beat what Rose offer at the moment, especially in the way of customisation.

    All of that said, if you've already tested one bike and loved it then I'd probably go for that...