Rear wheel at angle

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I swapped out my Deep sections for Fulcrums last week for Mallorca, and when I put them back they won't sit flush against the chanstays and are now at an angle, I must point out this is a new bike, and the deep sections were re-dished to become 11speed compatible.

I would of been riding like this for a week before I swapped them over and didn't notice anything odd about the handling, but am now concerned to put them back in, does anyone know what the potential issue could be here? I know it is not drastic but even so they are not straight, I have tried fiddling around with the QR to no success

I have checked the Fulcrums to be sure it isn't the frame and they are dead straight in the middle

Pictures below





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    When you ring up your wheel builder who tinkered with the wheel , I'm sure he'll have an excuse ready for you ;-)