New SS wheel build - large flange or small flange?

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I'm looking at a set of Miche hubs, I prefer the look of the small flange hubs. Am I wrong? :wink:

Also why can't I get a ss hub set with a hollow axle for QR? I don't want to have to carry a spanner with me every time I go out.



  • ugo.santalucia
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    For the front you can use any hub, even a road one if you want a QR, provided your dropouts will work with a QR
    Horizontal rear dropouts tend to slip with a QR, unless you use a strong Shimano one... I am not aware of SS hubs with QR though.
    Flange size matters to a point, low flange will work just fine if that's what you prefer
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  • cycleclinic
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    Both flange size work as well as each other. Large flanges IMO look better but that me and not your view. Miche SS hubs are excellent good choice and give a wider flange seperation than the novatec ones I have seen. BLB king hubs are more pricey but they also seem a very good hub. Plenty of choice out there. -wheel building and other stuff.