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The Three Peaks Classic Sportive

BLWBLW Posts: 96
Just wondered if there was any 'solo cyclists' that are going or perhaps fancy entering but would prefer a bit of company. I’m a newbie to these sportive rides but I’ve have been bitten by the bug.

I was thinking about entering the shorter route (not fit enough for the long haul) I don’t mind going on my own of course but it’s always nice to meet some friendly people that are similar to me, in fear of looking like a complete ‘Billy no mates’ which I’m not btw honest lol, it’s just that I don’t have any friends that are into this cycling shananagons…as yet, although I’m doing my best to convert them. :)

So I thought I’d put my brave pants on and basically say, ‘Hi, I’m going, and if there is anyone else new to sportives that may want a friendly person to tag along with then feel free to shout out.

Ta peeps 
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