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Hello Mods

Seem to have trouble logging out, has anyone else got this problem?

I click on the Logout box and the web address bar displays this:


...and a blank page.

Then if I back step or use the drop down to select bike radar forum on my bookmarks/address bar, I am still logged in.

I do like being logged in but a man needs his sleep.

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  • nicklouse
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    It will be the same problem as the ons and the profile stuff. See below.
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  • Jeff Jones
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    It should all be working now (famous last words)
    Jeff Jones

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  • Raffles
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    It isn't, I cant get into private messaging.
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  • me-109
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    Can't log in either - at least on my phone. Still connected via laptop (obviously) but the website locked up/crashed around midnight and booted me out on the iPhone. I just get a blank screen up when I click the login button. I can see the forum index and individual forums, just nothing returns on the login page.
  • hommelbier
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    Same here also - still unable to logout - just get a blank page. Even after coming offline and switching off my PC, when I come back I find I am still logged in.

  • Velonutter
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    The system was supposed to be fixed but from what I understand from Jeff is that it hasn't been transferred to the live system yet.
  • Jeff Jones
    Jeff Jones Posts: 1,865
    The blank page issue should have been solved now. That means the user control panel, password reminder, logging out should be ok.

    The green login button isn't working yet, although you should be able to login using social media or the main BRD home page.
    Jeff Jones

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