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Garmin for use abroad

djcozzerdjcozzer Posts: 36
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last year i took my strava enabled android phone to lanzarote. had difficulty getting the gps to pick up, so was thinking about a dedicated cycle gps computer/logger. i'm not a premium strava user but want to record my rides. i was looking fr advice. Does the Garmin save rides on the machine that i could upload, when i get home, or do i need to upload more frequently. I wont have a computer with me but might take my android pad if i can connect the Garmin to that. sorry it's a long winded post but any advice welcome :D


  • ai_1ai_1 Posts: 3,060
    You can store a substantial amount of data on Garmin GPS watches and bike computers before running out of memory. Unless you plan to ride daily for many weeks I can't imagine you'd have a problem.
  • borisfaceborisface Posts: 273
    Unless you're going away for about 3 years, garmin edges will store your data for later download. The memory is pretty big - I've still got rides going back someway on mine. If you're thinking of an 800 series I can recommend the garmin city navigator maps for Europe. I've used them in UK, France, Spain, Greece, Germany and Portugal and have never missed a trick.
  • djcozzerdjcozzer Posts: 36
    Thanks guys:)
  • Miles253Miles253 Posts: 535
    If you really think you will run out of space bring a laptop with you and you can upload the rides to Garmin Connect, and then delete them off the device. Failing that, just buy a nice big micro SD card, I am pretty sure you can save rides to that. Garmin shave no trouble recording abroad, and if you have the right maps, routing abroad too.
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  • mechanismmechanism Posts: 891
    The only thing I would add is that if you're not uploading, don't forget to reset between rides as I usually do.
  • SawilsonSawilson Posts: 171
    If you get the 510 or 810 your can connect via Bluetooth to your Andriod phone and get an instant upload to your connect acccount, as long as you have an phone signal capable of internet usage, obviously you will need to purchase a roaming data plan at the right price before you travel. If the data is turned off I believe it will be saved on your phone until it gets a connection, you could always upload later via a free WiFi connection like a hotel/restaurant for example.
    This does away with the need for taking any other devices with you, your connect account can be viewed on any device with a browser.
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