Fixing Di2 captive wires

simonj Posts: 346
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Had a fun afternoon, nice ride but wrists ached a bit so I decided to swap my stem when I got back. Then went to lube chain and discovered front Di2 derailleur didn't work. After trying a few things, re-connecting wires, charging battery, went to swap the shifters and discovered I had accidently crimped a Di2 cable in the stem - doh! :oops: Unfortunately it was one of the captive junction ones on the old style Ultegra 6770 Di2 so I don't think I can just replace the wire. So I've ordered a new one which was luckily on sale but unfortunately it'll take a few days to arrive and I want to ride this bike tomorrow. So does anyone know if you can cut the wires and have a go at fixing them or somehow open up the junction/trim thing and just use a spare wire? Failing that I'll could butcher another bike and take the new style junction and wires off that temporarily, but that'll mean I will need a re-wrap the bars on two bikes both which will need new tape and delaying tomorrows ride a bit.