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Lezyne Micro Rear Battery life

wishitwasallflatwishitwasallflat Posts: 2,927
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Just got a Lezyne Micro Drive Rear to replace a Smart R2 that succumbed to water ingress. Pleased with the Lezyne for (apparent) build quality and brightness. I got it mainly on the brightness for Daytime use but in the Daytime Flash Mode (the 70 lumens setting) it says you should get 3 hours 15 minutes - I am only getting about 1-1.5 hours before the indicator light goes red and the light flips into economy mode. I am charging it by plugging it into an iPad charger (take the cord out and plug it direct into the charger where the cable would do) the charger works fine on the iPad and the Lezyne indicator light is going solid green before I unplug it so I am sure it is charging. I only got it less than a week ago (from a well known blame worthy online retailer) so I am sure if I do decide to return it it won't be an issue, but before I do:

Is anyone getting 3.25 hours in Daytime Flash mode? i.e. is this a case of Lezyne marketing BS and run time of 1-1.5 hours is as good as anyone gets - or - have I got a duff unit by bad luck?
Could the battery life improve with more charging cycles (I've only run it down and recharged it three times)?
Is the battery life claimed for Moon Shield any more accurate?


  • bendertherobotbendertherobot Posts: 11,684
    Are you sure it's going red rather than orange?

    I made this mistake. Orange is 50% and red 25% from memory.
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  • wishitwasallflatwishitwasallflat Posts: 2,927
    Pretty sure it's red but its cutting down to economy mode from daytime flash anyway so I dont get anything like the time on daytime flash mode that Lezyne say I should.
  • In the daytime running mode? I reckon I get two hours max....poss 1.5 hrs...
  • wishitwasallflatwishitwasallflat Posts: 2,927
    In the daytime running mode? I reckon I get two hours max....poss 1.5 hrs...

    Cheers I reckon that's similar to what I get but Lezyne claim we should get 3.25 hours. Are you not pee'd off with yours being so far off what they promise Pippi L? I'm used to BS lumen claims etc with generic low price lights but I think of Lezyne as a premium brand which is why I am wondering if mine is duff. Am I just being unrealistic expecting to get what Lezyne state?
  • Can't honestly say it bothers me that much. I generally only use it if it's a fairly early morning and it's a bit overcast or a touch of early fog etc, or of course twilight. In these situations 1.5 hrs is enough for me before conditions improve or I'm home.

    The Merlin website (where I bought mine), states 2.5hrs on 70lumen.
  • wishitwasallflatwishitwasallflat Posts: 2,927
    Interesting, I got mine from wiggle and their description says

    Rear Burn times: 3hr:15min - 24hrs! depending on mode.

    So minimum time is the same as the instruction leaflet that came with mine at 3.25 for daytime.

    Think I'll email Lezyne to see what they say.
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