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I'm planning to start commuting to work one day a week over the summer months. It's 45 miles each way so going to cycle home on a Thursday night and back in on a Friday morning to break it up.

Just wondered whether anyone else does anything similar?


  • jscl
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    caedev wrote:
    I'm planning to start commuting to work one day a week over the summer months. It's 45 miles each way so going to cycle home on a Thursday night and back in on a Friday morning to break it up.

    Just wondered whether anyone else does anything similar?
    I don't personally. The velodrome is 6mi from my home, so no big mileage for me. But if you follow Craig Middleton (who founded Onix Bikes, now Beacon Bikes) on Twitter. He's been commuting on a daily basis 40mi each way from home to his office. People do it, I just don't see the attraction personally.
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    I commute every now and then but it's only 9 miles each way. My father-in-law used to commute about 55 miles each way to work twice a week minimum before he became a pensioner.

    I think it also heavily depends on your job, and whether you have shower facilities at your place of work. I have many days where I can't even commute the short distance into work.
  • caedev
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    Thanks for the heads up on Craig Middleton - will take a look on his twitter.

    For me it comes down to time. Much as I'd like to spend half a day out at the weekend, I also want to spend time with my wife and son. If it works ok then this will give me a good opportunity to do a couple of longer rides on a regular basis. Plus there's the added perk that it costs less to fuel me than it does my car!
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    70 odd miles each way, and at >17.5mph average? That is ridiculous! Definitely puts my 45 mile journey into perspective :)

    Will post an update after this week's attempt!
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    I used to commute from Coventry t Worcester, it was a 70 mile round trip 5 days a week. Was ok, better because of flexi time
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    I've done just over 30 each way a couple of times which was OK. Not sure I'd want to do 45 though, that's close to 3 hours so for most people leaving at 6am (not too bad) but getting home at 8.30 / 9.00pm doesn't appeal. I've done my normal 37 mile round trip 5 days a week a few times and it destroys my enjoyment of cycling. 3 times a week is ideal for me at that distance.
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    I do 37km each way most days, depending on the wind it takes about the same time as public transport. There are some serious hills I can add in on the way home for a bit of variety.
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    I have cycled home a few times and plan to do it 1 or 2 times a week over the summer.

    Mine is 48 miles each way but what I do is get the train in and just do the ride home. I dont mind getting home at 8.30ish in the evening but im not too sure i fancy the 5.30am start and im not sure how i would feel riding for 6 hours and then having to work !!
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    It's 35 miles to work for me, I've done the route (not as a commute) in 2 hr 15 mins before. tbh it's not the distance that bothers me, but getting up before my wife and daughter get up and getting back after my daughter has gone to bed, isn't my idea of fun.
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    27 miles each way for me. This time of year I'm doing 7-8 commutes out of 10. In the winter that drops but i try to maintain 4 minimum.

    There are times when commuting, especially in the winter, means riding becomes a bit of a ballache. But it's out of choice and i just try to ensure it doesn't become a negative. Ultimately it's free miles for the weekend rides.
  • me-109
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    Just 2.5 - 4 miles for me. No showers, though you wouldn't think I'd need one in that short distance. However, the sweating starts pretty much when the cycling stops without the cooling breeze. With carrying the laptop, paperwork, maybe some clothes (I leave shoes and spare trousers at work) the bag weighs a ton and the mess on at either end makes it easier to take the car. There's nowhere secure at the office to leave the bike so it gets carried up to the second floor and stored discretely in the office. With an impending move that's likely to be ruled out as an option as well. I'm sure there's a time or mileage 'price point' that makes the commute worthwhile, but I'm on the wrong side of that.

    Ironically I've had two bike-for-work bikes now. They have been used and I also take them with me and cycle into one or two of our other offices.
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    25 miles each way for me. 4 times per week usually. Makes up the lions share of my cycling, pretty hard for her to moan at me for going to work!!
  • caedev
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    Did it! Cycled home last night (http://www.strava.com/activities/139153610) and back in this morning. Pretty windy and heavy rain last night but overall an enjoyable experience.

    Definitely going to make it a regular thing over the summer.
  • drlodge
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    My commute is nearly an 80 mile round trip, I don't do it very often. By the time I've got up early, got home late, cycled the best part of 80 miles and done a days work, I'm fit for a coffin.
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