canyon anyone at their phones?

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Been trying to call canyon over last week and haven't been able to get through. Keep getting through to either " lines are busy " or their answer machine message .

Tried calling at different times but to no avail.

Do other people find this a issue?
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  • alex222
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    Have got through to Canyon UK in the past with no issues
  • Markjaspi
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    A friend of mine spoke with them on Friday with regards to cancelling his cx 8.0 he ordered which he was told was in stock, he's now been waiting 4 weeks and told it could be another 2. So he bought one second hand one ( a 9.0 ) only to get an email for them today to say it's been despatched although Canyon UK said he could cancel it tomorrow with no penalty. That will be an interesting phone call tomorrow (if he can get through).
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  • triban
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    i didn't have a lot of luck calling when i needed to; i'm sure there is only one guy answering. i think i had to call four times to get through.

    i found them pretty quick and helpful via email though, and the german number will always be answered, but call before 4pm.
  • alex222
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    I take my previous comment back. Currently thay not answering the phone, with an answerphone message stating that the phone line is closed as they are too busy and that they will respond to e-mails within two to three days. My e-mail from seven days ago has had no response though. So I am getting quite agitated.