105 Shifter cable / Hood removal

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So, my cable inner has frayed and jammed up one of my shifters today.

Trying to find a guide/diagram on how to replace it. Looking at my shifter, I can't see where i thread the new cable in, I don't know if I have folded the hood back far enough, certainly cant seem to budge it. I've done the procedure on MTB shifters several times, but these fancy 105's strike the fear of god into me.

Any ideas on either?



  • chris_bass
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    http://techdocs.shimano.com/media/techd ... 702880.pdf

    have a gander at that, think the bit you need is in there (about half way accross near the bottom and then the top of the next column)
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  • matt@theforce
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    My cable snapped a few weeks ago. I found that both of my 105 shifters had a panel that could be un-screwed revealing where the gear cables are to be threaded through.
  • peat
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    Thanks guys, spot on!
  • peat
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    Got this done today thanks to the diagrams.

    Cable had delaminated and had become frayed inside the internal routing and worse inside the shifter. Made a right mess.

    All hunky-dory now.