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Best combination for Endomondo?

tank121tank121 Posts: 201
Currently borrowing my Friends Garmin Forerunner 305 and HR belt then importing the rides but I believe it's not very accurate as for downhills it counts it as you putting the effort to reach that speed? Is that correct?

How good are the Bluetooth HRM belts with an Android phone. I have an Huwaei Visiton running 2.2 and Motorola G running Kitkat.

Which belts work well?

Any other options I want to record the GPS either using a watching or phone, heart rate and calories burnt. Ideally a device which I can use in the gym to measure my HR.

Thanks in advance Wayne

PS Trying to do gym 3 times a week and ride 2 a week including one at weekend. In the gym i'm doing 20 mins cross trainer then machines for arms, legs, back etc for 1hr. Any other tips?

PPS Recently bought Ion Speed-Pro HD camera it's great1


  • tank121tank121 Posts: 201
  • steve6690steve6690 Posts: 190
    Ignore the calories calculation as it's only a guess. As for the HR belt I would recommend you look at the Wahoo Tickr. It's bluetooth and ant+ so will work with smartphones and Garmins without having to fork out extra cash on dongles.
    I can't offer advice on your training as I wouldn't claim to know what I'm talking about, but a good first step is to have a think about what goals(s) you're trying to achieve.
    If you want to use your mates HR strap with your android phone you will need an ant+ dongle like the Suunto Movestick, and a cheap adaptor cable. That's what I use when I go running and don't want to carry my Garmin 510.
    It does work with Endomondo.
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