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Welsh xc fforest fields

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I'm doing my first xc race in god knows how long in a few weeks, doing the welsh xc at fforest fields. has anyone else done it and any thoughts about the course / terrain? Is it muddy soil or not too bad? I've got a maxxis crossmark on the rear that is atrocious in mud so if it's likely to be muddy I'll think about getting something else to put on.

Cheers 8)


  • jimothy78jimothy78 Posts: 1,407
    Last year it looked like this:
    looks like everything from dry-and-dusty to wet-and-sloppy, so i guess you'd want more of an all-rounder.

    That said, I used a WTB Nano for the first time the other day, and was seriously impressed by how well it handled the odd bit of sloppy mud, despite being designed for dry conditions, having extremely low tread and being very light and fast.
  • FerralsFerrals Posts: 785
    Thanks, useful video that.

    Think I should be ok tyre wise. Looking forward to it, even though I'll probably get lapped a bunch of times :lol: :oops:
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