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Old faithful & new show pony stablemate

Corners R UsCorners R Us Posts: 214
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So I've been looking for something a bit fresher than my faithful 2009 Marin Mount Vision which has been tweaked and modded to my satisfaction. I popped into my lbs to buy a circlip for my rear brake pad pin and chanced across this little beauty....true and how often does this happen!! The previous owner rode it a few times, couldn't get on with it and ordered a Fat Bike to replace it with. I had a budget for my new ride and thankfully the previous owner was willing to take it as he needed the money pronto to pay for his FB. I shall be riding it like I stole it cos I effectively did :lol: !

2014 Saracen Kili Flyer 12X 650b (17"). It was a frame up custom build. The frame alone was £1500 with its Fox CTD shock and carbon rear triangle. Forks are X-Fusion Velvet RL2s. Steerers not been cut yet hence the multiple stem stackers. I'll ride it a few times and try it at various heights before deciding on the final height. Wheels are Hope Evo Pro2 laced to Sun Ringle Infernos. Maxxis High Roller II tyres (tubeless ready but running tubes currently) The owners also dropping in a Racing Ralph and Nobby Nic which he had with the bike but are no use to him. KS Integra dropper post. 740mm Saracen bars, 60mm Saracen stem. SLX chainset 38/24 rings, SLX rear mech, 11-36 cassette, Deore front mech and shifters. Deore brakes. The bike came with a white WTB saddle and Nukeproof flatties which have been swapped out for my faithful SMP TRK and Shimano SPDs. I've not ridden with flatties before but will keep them for when I head to BPW with my riding mates. Total build cost was £3K.







I will be keeping the MV for winter/muddy rides and the KF for dry duties. I've also got an SLX chainset, XT front and rear mechs and shifters to go on the MV which was due a post-winter strip down and makeover anyways so it won't feel left out and there'll be no fighting in the garage :roll: !!


Roll on Monday as that's the first opportunity I'll get to ride my new steed. 2 sleeps to go.......


  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,823
    That looks and sounds very nice.
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  • CqcCqc Posts: 951
    Both Look great! With such a nice old faithful I wouldn't have personally gotten the new one, but if you like it, that's fine. How much did you pay?
  • Corners R UsCorners R Us Posts: 214
    Cqc wrote:
    Both Look great! With such a nice old faithful I wouldn't have personally gotten the new one, but if you like it, that's fine. How much did you pay?

    If I find I'm not using the Marin I will probably sell it but I'm hoping my 14-yr old son will start using it and accompany me on the trails. He did have a Rockhopper which he came out on occasionally but outgrew it so I sold it recently. His eyes did light up at the opportunity so fingers crossed! I suspect once I've removed the new shine from the Saracen it'll be used all year round.

    I got a very very good deal that was simply too good to miss and was within my budget; enough said :wink:!
  • ej2320ej2320 Posts: 1,543
    Always been a fan of Saracen and the Kili looks awesome
    The raw finish Marin ain't bad either :lol:
  • Corners R UsCorners R Us Posts: 214
    So I managed to get a maiden voyage in on my Kili today. 46km around the Forest of Dean taking in a lap of the Verderers, a lap of Freeminers, parts of the enduro race circuit, out towards Doeys then a lap of the family trail to ponder my findings!

    A few thoughts:

    1. New bikes ride sooooo smooth.
    2. 650b's pick up speed at a decent lick even when properlled by my sparrow legs!
    3. They are harder to wheelie than a 26.
    4. They still turns sweetly despite the bigger hoops.
    5. The Kili cockpit is short, had to adjust seat back twice!
    6. 38/24 with a 11-36 cassette will get me fit!
    7. White cables/brake hoses are actually OK! Will change out the dropper cable to match; attention to detail!
    8. Dropper posts with remotes are the dawgs danglies!
    9. I need a gold chain for a whiff of bling!

    All in all I am very pleased with my purchase. I'm off up Cranham/Painswick with my riding buddies for a spot of night riding tomorrow night to confirm that I have bonded with my Kili. Might head up to Afan or Cwmcarn next weekend if I get the time.

  • Corners R UsCorners R Us Posts: 214
    Saturday ride. 32Km around Painswick and Cranham with 3 mates. Muddy fun!!






  • So 4-months on and all is going well with the Kili. Lots of riding and a few new parts to evolve it even more to my liking. Since buying it I've added XT calipers, some new Token grips, a snow camo Charge Spoon as the SMP TRK became uncomfortable for some reason, a new chain and a Maxxis Ardent Race rear tyre as the High Roller II was too draggy on the back for me. Think I've found my perfect ride now 8) .



    PS: The snow camo scrubs up white again even when heavily soiled; phew!!
  • IMG_2792_zps2cf487b2.jpg

    I think the angle of your saddle in this shot might tell us why it became uncomfortable. Not that I like the angle of the SDG that much either.

    Nice bike and I agree, 650B is harder to wheelie/manual than a 26er.
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  • It was more that my sit bones and the width of the saddle became incompatible less so its orientation. I've since levelled off the Charge Spoon somewhat from the picture as I'm still experimenting with whats comfy for me. Cheers.
  • CitizenLeeCitizenLee Posts: 2,227
    Very nice! Looks like my type of bike, especially now you've removed the Ann Summers saddle :)
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