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I'm thinking of an upgrade and currently have it narrowed down to 2 makes and 3 bikes.
I currently ride a 2010 Specialised Sirrus Pro Carbon (Same frame geo as Roubaix with zerts Fact7r) that I have used all winter and have upgraded quite a lot, first off converting to a drop bar with Ultegra leavers and f & r mech.
I've joined a cycle club last year and mainly get out on Sundays for the club runs (60 - 80 miles)

1. Tarmac SL4 Expert Di2
2. BMC TeamMachine SLR01 Di2 (2012 model) or stump up the extra for Dura Ace (non Di)
3. BMC GranFondo GF01 Di2

The prices range from £2500 (Teammachine) using wheels from my current bike (Roval Fusee SL's) to £3200 for the Tarmac SL4 Expert 2013 model.

The final option is new carbon handlebars, carbon stem, upgrade crank, cassette on my bike I reckon £500 should lavish it.

I've always ridden Specialized bikes
Would I notice the difference between an Fact 7r and Fact 10r frame? on the Spesh. I accept the geometry is different.
Anyone any experience of the BMC's - they get good right-ups - Teammachine SLR02 came 2nd in Cycling Plus Bike of the Year.
Is Di2 worth it over mechanical? I'm sure this is asked in the forum so I'll have a search.
2010 Specialised Sirrus Pro (drop bar conversion)
1993 Specialised Rockhopper A1
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    For the money you can do much better.
    DA9000 > Ultegra Di2
    Roval Fusee SL = nothing special
    10r is obviously better grade but you probably won't notice much difference unless you put down decent power.
    Neither BMC nor Spec do anything for me. I find them both a bit dull and would rather buy Canyon or Rose if I was looking for value.
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    I think my SLR01 is a fantastic bike. But i'd forget about Di2 and go for DA9000.
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    I have the exact model BMC you're considering. I love it, it's a brilliant frame. Check out my build here:
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    Yep that's the do you find it on slightly longer rides?
    Very nice by the way
    2010 Specialised Sirrus Pro (drop bar conversion)
    1993 Specialised Rockhopper A1
    Voodoo Limba - for out with the kids
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    It's the smoothest, most comfortable bike I've ridden. No issues on long rides.
  • I just bought the SLR02 and love it. I rode the SLR01, and it was great but a little out of my budget. So I opted for the SLR02 Ultegra build and plan to replace the wheels with lighter ones sometime in the future. You can't go wrong with the BMC's.