Another what bike post!

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Hi all,

I am about to move house and will hopefully be riding 10 miles each way to my work. I am looking for some advice on which bike to get.

I currently have a 50% off evanscycles bikes (up to £500) so have been looking there. I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on the Fuji sportif 2.5 2014 and how it compares to the specialized Allez c2 2014. Is the specialized worth the extra?

I am slightly concerned about leaving the bike unattended whilst I work but it would be outside a tube station with a heavy duty bike lock.




  • rjsmith
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    New bike outside train station all day, even with a good lock, would be a no no for me. Second hand bike, mechanically sound but looks very second hand, would be better.

    Then buy a weekend bike for other rides.
  • LeeJay
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    Also been looking at the Fuji, can't seem to find any reviews on it...