Using a bike after a year in storage

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2012 Cube Ltd Pro 29, had a reasonable use in it's first year, but they I had a problem in my neck that had stopped me riding for a while. The bike was hung on the wall by it's front wheel and has been there ever since.

I'm getting close to getting out on it again, but wondered if there was anything that I should be concerned about, or should address before taking it out again. Last thing I want is to find a problem with the forks, brakes or drivetrain, that a simple check/fix would prevent.

If it makes any difference, it has RockShox Reba dual air forks(with PopLoc), Shimano hydraulic brakes (M445) and Deore/SLX drivetrain.

Any advice gratefully received.


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    Check all your air pressures (fork and tyres) and you should be away.
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    Never a bad idea to check all nuts and bolts etc are tight (should be a regular check anyway)
    Bit of lube on the chain.
    Try and remember how to balance.
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    If everything was fine with it when you hung it up, you should be ok with just a cursory once-over.
    Check that all bolts/screws fixings are tight, check the air pressure in both the forks and the tyres and make sure that the drive-train is lubed.
    Give it a ride around the block, to make sure the gears and brakes work and you'll be ok.
    (Be aware that the fluid in the brake system might take a couple pumps before they feel 'right' again.)
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    One thing that happened to me after leaving a bike in storage for three months was that the front wheel quick release skewers rusted and bonded themselves to the axle. I thought the QR was done up properly but it wasn't and the front wheel fell off... that's my take on what happened anyway. Given this experience, I would recommend taking the skewers out and giving them a wipe down with an oily cloth.

    There are plenty of bearings that could rust if they've been sat with water in them for a year - if the wheels, bottom bracket and steerer all feel OK then this shouldn't be an issue. Perished tyres / inners - visual inspection should suffice.