Campag LH shifter does not stay in top.

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I have an issue with a 2010 LH Chors shifter. It does not seem to stay in the top position. Almost as if the cable is too tight and does not allow the derailleur to stay in that position. The cable is however so slack that it does not smove for the first two shifts on the upstroke? Any ideas?


  • Monty Dog
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    Drop onto the smallest sprocket, release the cable clamp and pull on the cable to take out the slack and try re-setting your indexing - nowt wrong with the shifter, you've simply run out of 'clicks' due to the slack cable.
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    ^^^ sounds like good advice. However there was an issue with the early Chorus 11 shifters of this era that required a change of design. It could also be that the clutch mechanism in your lever needs adjusting. I had my LH lever recently overhauled by Velotech after encountering similar symptoms.
  • g00se
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    I've had that happen when the limit screw places the stop just at the point of the top 'click'. The additional pressure from the limit is enough to push the mech back. Just try opening up the limit to see if this is the case? If it is, you probably need to set up the indexing again from scratch - the important part being that the slack cable should be tight enough so that mech should start moving as soon as you start moving the lever.