Tubs - Small Cuts

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Hi - I'm sure an often asked question but I can't find anything.

Vittoria Tubs starting to pick up a few 2-5mm cuts, so questions:

1) Do people try and repair? I've heard of some using a dab of superglue
2) Is there a point where they should be discarded to avoid issues when it counts i.e. in a race.

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  • sungod
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    i leave the cuts alone, just remove whatever glass/flint caused them so it doesn't work in deeper

    unless the carcass is cut there's no problem

    if the carcass is cut through, there're three 'levels'

    1 minor cut, a latex tube will gradually wear on the rough edge until it punctures, better to remove and patch before it happens

    2 large cut, the tube is immediately holed, maybe the tub will need a boot to stop the tube pushing through the cut, a bit of old carcass is good for this

    3 tragic cut, it's so big you should bin it
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