30-40 mile route in Ashby de la Zouch Area

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Heading up to the in-laws for the weekend. I don't know the area at all (haven't been up enough over the years - black sheep - and never taken the bike).

They're actually in Packington. Should get a spare couple of hours at least twice. Anyone point me in the right direction for a good loop? Just wanting to avoid nightmare roads etc.

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    You could make a nice loop around near Staunton Harold, Swarkestone and Foremark reservoirs to the north of Ashby, I don't really ride much to the south of it I'm afraid. As long as you avoid going too close to Donnington Park even the "busier" roads around there are not bad at all and there's some nice views to be had, I particularly like going along the top on the east side of Staunton Harold.

    Probably get about 1800-2000ft of climbing in a 30 mile loop around that area.
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    Absolutely perfect. Thanks folks, just what i was after.
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    Head to the Charnwood area where there are plenty of hills to keep you occupied. Priory Lane, Nanpantan Road, Breakback Road, Beacon Road, Hill Lane etc etc.
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    +1 to the above. Head over to Woodhouse Eaves area and cycle around the lanes near Bradgate Pk. I always like to get over to the Charnwood area if I can.
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    You could head towards Barton under Needwood - nice rolling country side. The other suggestions made are very good rides.
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    Thanks again all. I've got 3 good routes plotted based on all this advice. Much appreciated.
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    Excellent. Got there late on Saturday is just had a quick blast out to market bosworth and back via the lanes. Up early Sunday morning so headed east as advised past Thornton reservoir, around bradgate, headed south and then west through various villages (Kirby something, odstone, something in the Beans :D ) then north back to Packington. About 47 miles. Beautiful countryside interspersed by some nice and some not so nice towns. Being from dan sarf, I've never seen so many working men's clubs! Also colder oop north. Lost feeling in fingers within 2 miles and didn't return for an hour....Southern softy. It was pre 6am mind.

    Then Sunday headed north west around the other reservoirs for a good 35 miler.

    Thanks all for advice. It's lovely riding around there...might tempt me to visit in laws more often :D
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    djhermer wrote:
    west through various villages (Kirby something, odstone, something in the Beans
    Kirby Mallory and Barton in the Beans.