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Women's kneepads with shinguards recommendations

cindyMTBcindyMTB Posts: 2
edited October 2015 in Women
Hi just wondered if anyone could recommend women's knee pads (if possible with shin guards but latter not essential)- preferably soft knee pads mostly for trail riding. Had a bad MTB accident six months or so ago and ripped my knee open down to the bone, so just want some kind of protection and wondered could anyone recommend any good ones please? Thanks in advance


  • 497adam497adam Posts: 52
    Hi I have the same question, as I am looking for some pads for my partner. Struggled to find any slim enough for her
  • LegolamLegolam Posts: 39
    I've just bought a pair of G-form knee pads (they also have separate shin pads for sale) and they're uber-comfortable. They size up small, so I needed the large to go round my cyclist's thighs - I've never needed a large size in anything (I wear size 10 trousers)! I've not crashed them (yet) but they don't move when cycling and the reviews about crash protection are good.
  • lg18lg18 Posts: 92
    I've recently bought:
    X X MKII Knee & Shin Guards - Black, from Chain Reaction. (size small).
    Seem to do the job and fit ok for my thin legs - would recommend them.
  • arcadianarcadian Posts: 35
    A friend of mine got a set of Alpinestars MOAB Knee-Shin Guards off of crc not long ago, she had tried a set of race face ones but they were still too big in the small size. The Alpinestars one saved her a nasty one a while ago when she slipped on a root and landed shin first on the big chainring, zero damage from that one.
  • I would recommend the Icon stryker overknees. My wife has been using them since the past 6 months and she feels very comfortable. Good protection and good quality. She had purchased them online from this store at a price of € 85.50.
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