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Advice on a touring bike

Jack123wJack123w Posts: 4
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Hi there, I'm not certain this is in the right section so apologies if not!

I'm looking to buy a touring bike for this summer which I'd just use for a couple of days here and there around North Wales, the Peak District and perhaps the Lakes. Last summer I borrowed a Dawes Galaxy Ultra to do Lands End- John O'Groats and loved the bike so would love to buy my own, however being a student on a part time job I can't really splash £1800 on a bike and would hope to spend around £600 or less!

I've seen the Fuji Tourer at £550 but I can't seem to find a frame that would fit me anywhere (I'd need around 58cm). Although I'd prefer a steel frame, realistically I'm only ever going to use the bike on relatively good surfaces in this country and so I've also considered the Dawes Galaxy AL (

I'm just after a bit of advice really and have a couple of questions. Does anyone know where I might find a 58cm frame Fuji Tourer? New or used would be great, I'm pretty handy with bikes and would be happy taking on a second hand bike which might need some work. Also, does anyone have experience of the Dawes Galaxy AL? Or touring on an aluminium frame in general for that matter? Finally, are there any bikes I'm overlooking? I know my price range is quite restrictive but I'd be very grateful for any help!

Thanks a lot,


  • alan_shermanalan_sherman Posts: 1,157
    Look at Spa cycles and Edinburgh bicycle coop websites. They sell their own brand tourers which are good value. Also last years models are often available for a bargain price. I think Ridgeback have some good models. An Aluminium frame would be fine for civilissed world touring.
  • DiscoBoyDiscoBoy Posts: 905
    Second hand Dawes Galaxy or Ridgeback Voyager.
    Red bikes are the fastest.
  • Jack123wJack123w Posts: 4
    Thanks for the advice on those shops, some of their own brand bikes seem to be good value for what you get!
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