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Building up a bike from scratch - advice needed!

nickpontynickponty Posts: 61
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Hi all,

Am entirely new to fettling but have long harboured a desire to build up a bike from scratch, but with the core being a classic steel frame. While I'd love to start with a vintage Colnago Master frame, my budget is going to be limited and will be buying parts bit-by-bit (or nicking them off my current steed if necessary).

My question is what are the problems I'm likely to encounter? BB compatibility (would want to put on a new groupset - probably a nice silver Campagnolo Veloce set)? mounting points for brakes/derailleurs? Cabling?? Want to get a sense of scale of the task before I get overexcited an buy a frame I'm not realistically going to be able to do anything with!

Thanks v much,



  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,184
    I think you need to decided on which steel frame you are going to buy first as that will affect your choice of BB / shell width threaded/unthreaded etc. What forks are you going to use steel/carbon, headset size, do you what mounts/clearances for mudguards/rack, what wheel/tyre width. Seatpost diameter, if you are considering using parts off you existing bike you need to size them to see if they are going to fit the new frame.

    Putting it all together is fairly straight forward and there a guides on the net to help, also manufactures online data sheets explain how to install and setup the various components. Do a search on the BR road forums as this subject as been covered a few times with some users posting photo's of their bikes in various stages of the build up.
  • sandyballssandyballs Posts: 577
    I think your biggest problem will be limited budget and Colnago master, the 2 rarely go together, but good luck.
  • trailflowtrailflow Posts: 1,311
    I think the veloce power torque crankset uses special tools to remove/install that you'll need to buy. So something to be wary of.
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