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Quick cassette query

chatlowchatlow Posts: 825
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Replacing the drive chain and noticed than when I hold the cassette, it's quite loose and you can rotate all the cogs slightly. Is this normal? I'm positive the cassette on my giant tcr is solid when off the bike. I know that when the locking is done up it should be solid but is it worth replacing the cassette for this reason..?


  • simonjsimonj Posts: 346
    Is it a 10 speed cassette (105, Ultegra) etc, but has the spacer missing? The spacer should go on first then the 10 speed cassette. Once tightened up to ~ 40nm the cassette should not move, if it does it probably makes a chinking noise when cycling along also.
  • simonjsimonj Posts: 346
    This may help, although taigra cassettes may break some of the rules as do not need a 1mm spacer and also when used on Mavic wheels, the dots that mean you do not need a 1mm spacer fall into the Mavic gaps, but not by 1mm so not sure what you should officially do there, I just used the Mavic spacer and had to adjust the RD trim and if I change wheels will ahve to adjust the trim if it's different :-

  • chatlowchatlow Posts: 825
    thanks. it's a 9 speed 12-26 (maybe tiagra). no spacer with it, and when tightened with locking it doesn't move. I was just curious to see if it's normal for a cassette body to have quite a lot of play in them to so they are a bit loose before installing?

    Heard they are held together with a pin and this can sometimes loosen.. if that's the case and it's not a problem , then I'll continue to use it. Like i said, when installed, it doesn't move.
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