Alu Full Suss or Carbon Hardtail

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Back in 2011, I bought a Ghost AMR 5900 at a great price. It's a good bike and the spec for the money is brilliant I think (I got it for a little over half the RRP, at £1150. The bike is a lot better than I am, but I'm not sure I quite feel comfortable on it. It's hard to explain really. I certainly don't feel like I can really throw it about, but I think that's more because I am rubbish rather than the bike.

I've been giving a lot of thought to building myself a bike recently. I'm fairly technical minded, far from an expert but I do learn things quickly and I would take my time and do it properly. I'm tempted to sell the Ghost and build myself a nice HT bike, possibly with a Carbon frame. I want to start cycling to work again as well, but don't really want to buy a road bike. A lightweight HT would be a bit quicker than a full sussed for that, and still perfectly capable off road. I haven't done any really challenging off road for a while, and its probably nothing I couldn't do on a HT. The other option is strip the bits off the Ghost and sell the frame with the rear shock. But then I think I might regret it later on - the bike was a bargain and it seems silly to get rid. I can't afford two bikes either.

What are people's thoughts? A 5900 recently old on ebay, complete, for 700. If I could find a cheap full suss carbon frame, I think I would just transfer everything across! I can't make up my mind.


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    There are lots of lovely steel Hard tails about.

    Although it has the wrong size wheels, the Charge Cooker 3 is a nice ride.